Cuthbert – A Collaborated Story by GRS (G) and CSF (C).

G: It was a dark and Sturmey-Archer.

C: Cuthbert clipped in his green corduroy loons, adjusted his dodgy derailleurs and emerged from the gloomy side passage…

G: Cuthbert was on a mission to reduce emissions…

C: Cuthbert congratulated himself for his foresight. He’d shortly need stronger clips to conceal the deceit, but the plan was a good ‘un…

G: Cycling past Jim Clerk & Sons Apothecary on the High Street, Cuthbert realised that he had left his dynamo in the ‘backwards’ mode and was already well into the 1920s…

C: … that’s when it struck…

G: … the Glorious First World War, when millions of men were healed to live again.

Along with those recently cured of the Spanish Flu, the Nation headed into the Edwardian Era with new hopes for a brighter Empire. If only Victoria could be resurrected…

C: Cuthbert, bursting with renewed vigour, threw aside his steed, unclipped his loons, allowing them to unfurl in the coming wind of opportunity, only to find himself flat on his back…

G: … he had reverted to his baby state.

Travelling backwards in time for more years than he could count on his fingers and ties (he had lots of ties) had caused him to age in reverse.

He burped and spoke his first (and last word)…

C: “Splinge!”

The End


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