It’s called ‘making conversation!’

Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! How are you?Choose one of the above.

How will I know?

Do you have a timepiece?

A what?

A watch.


That should help. Other than that, look at the sky. If the Sun is high it is probably daytime; if there is no Sun, it’s probably Summer, or the nighttime.

Ah, I see.


If you don’t mind me saying, it all seems a bit hit and miss.

Oh, it is. There is little logic in the weather. It can be hot in Whales, and extremely cold in the Centre Circle.


No need for apologies. Life is also like that.

Oh. Thanks!

You are very welcome.

Goodnight! Goodbye! Good Riddance!

Choose one of the above?


2 responses to “It’s called ‘making conversation!’

  1. is that a Rosie I spy?

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