The Mooses and the Gooses.

The plural of goose

is geese;

the plural of moose

is meese;

the plural of mice

is irrelevant,

as we are talking here

of gooses and mooses,

not mices and meeces.

Gooses and mooses

are the matter in hand;

but, only the sea-dwelling type,

which I’m sure you understand,

are the more interesting type –

if you ignore all the hype.

A goose on the loose

with a moose as a sidekick;

chartered a boat,

were a little bit sea-sick;

travelled the seven seas,

and then found three more;

they arrived home by teatime,

a fine adventure for sure.


2 responses to “The Mooses and the Gooses.

  1. this was a fun little ditty 🙂

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