Birds in the Attic (Bats in the Belfry).

Birds in the attic?

Bats in the belfry!

We haven’t got a belfry!

If a belfry is what I think it is.

Is it the thing on top of a church

where they keep the bats;

sorry, the bells, Esmerelda,

the bells?

Anyway, we have definitely got

birds in the attic, have we not?

Yes, we have;

not that it’s a problem…

… unless we haven’t actually got

an attic…

… then it just might be…

… that we’ve lost the plot.


8 responses to “Birds in the Attic (Bats in the Belfry).

  1. You made my mind confused dear G, do you have bat in your attic? But you say you don’t have an attic yet? So it means if you have an attic, you probably would get bats too? But you don’t have belfry? And For whom the bells ring? Why did you jump to the Notre Dame? On the other hand, we have an attic, but not bats, Thanks God, but I worried now, could it be in future, because I have bells not like in the church, but it is a bell at the end, what the connection between bells and bats.. I know, because I searched a little bit, bats in the belfry is a kind of phrase in English language… Never easy your poems for me 🙂

    Thank you, Love, nia

  2. No need a sorry for this dear G, I enjoy reading your poem, I just wanted to say something too 🙂 Thanks, Love, nia

  3. I love English Language, and Oxford/BBC language!

  4. I like bats, they eat bugs….but so do frogs and lizards and snakes too I suppose…..I like frogs….just not the poisonous ones 🙂

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