My Attempt At A Serious Poem.

I tried to write

a serious poem


never again!

I felt myself to be a proper Charlie,

a dunce.

I couldn’t get the words to rhyme,

and scan,

and the metre was wrong

(perhaps I wasn’t writing in Metric,

I’m an Imperial man);

and, worst of all,

(which is why I’ve written this all forlorn);

it was



that it made me yawn.

I’ll make it plain,

I won’t make that mistake again;

best to keep it funny –

on with the punny!


3 responses to “My Attempt At A Serious Poem.

  1. What is to write a serious poem? To keep the counting, to keep the technical shapes, lines, etc. or to have a serious subject.? I don’t care and I am free in my writing way too… I can’t be serious, maybe in the past…. You are doing best and we read you in your play with words… yes, sometimes it couldn’t be easy to understand, but it is same for all poems in the world, do we understand perfectly a poem? What is poem? Just a dance in the mind, with the sound of the words… and sometimes leaves a track in our soul…

    Hi dear G, I have missed reading you. Thank you, Love, nia

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