A Series Of Words.

“Hello! Hello! First of May,

shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?

No? Well, maybe not;

you’re wet a lot and awfully dull;

like a lifetime bored, living in Hull –

not that I’ve ever to Hull been;

it was just a place,

if you know what I mean.

So, May the First

can quench our thirst

with a little more rainwater;

but, hopefully, it will shine and be

the luggage to our porter;

whatever that imagery means, I haven’t a clue,

I just write these things,

I can’t be a detective, too!

It makes no sense;

it makes me tense;

I just present what’s written.

My mind creates;


these words mew like a kitten.

You keeping up?

I fill your cup;

And twice-shy dunce is bitten.

If this far reached;

Please be beseeched;

to forget these words here written.”



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