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The Trick Haiku (and a Tanka).

raced from A to Z

The frenetic alphabet

in no time at all.

Initially, the Haiku wasn’t a Haiku.

I had the sensible:

The frenetic alhabet

raced from A to Z

in no time at all.

We’ll, that wouldn’t do;

So, I just mixed up the lines

And all became clear.

We’ll, actually,

It made things a lot less clear;

If you understand –

Which I am sure that you do;

Otherwise, all is in vain.

Play with words, go on;

You know you really want to;

Which is only right.

So, there you have it;

A Haiku, and a Tanka,

And some more Haiku.



My Hypothesis.

Not all people are poets:

not all poets are people!

Discuss – if you wish;

you don’t have to.

I, may just talk amongst myselves,

about the above.

Not, that I am likely to come

to any conclusions.

I may just ponder.

Pondering is good.

’Look at that pond, yonder!’

I think.

Therefore, I exist; I am.

Although, it has been said,

that I am

not all there.

Lady Bracknell: A ’syllable!’

The word ’syllable’

has three syllables, you see;

’syl’ then ’la’ then ’ble’.

A Haiku?

A haiku, you see;

Is three lines; of syllables,

Five, seven, and five.

Three lines; one, two three;

And syllables that fit in

Of five, seven, five.

Five in the first line,

Seven in the second line

And five in the third.

’Fragile Heartbeat’ Haiku – #RonovanWrites

Eric Tao

The fragile heartbeat

fluttered like a butterfly,

afeard of a storm.

The Next Poem…

The next poem that you hear;

may not be this one;

but, another, better, one.

The last poem that you read

may well be this one;

or, another, better, poem;

if you haven’t read this one,

maybe you read that one, instead.

Who let the frogs doubt?

Who let the frogs doubt?

Who? Whom? Who?

And who let the owls hoot?

Was it the cat who got the cream?

Or was it just something

from a recurring dream?

The echoes of all those dogs

from long ago?

An image from a Winter’s Tale

whilst surrounded by a drift of snow?


Maybe it was just a passing phase

of Moon and Sun

from yonder days.

I know not,

I just ask the questions;

and await the truth

of your suggestions.