The Little Fincham and District Serious Poetry Society.

The Little Fincham and District Serious Poetry Society.

by Graeme Sandford

The Little Fincham and District Serious Poetry Society meet in the spacious realm of the Little Fincham Mission Church.

For a paltry three pence for each meeting, the poetic types of Little Fincham and the surrounding environs can listen to some classic poetry from the past, and also some hidden gems from the recent past; reading out their own poetry with all the enthusiasm that the converted can muster.

Avoiding any poems that include swearing and blasphemy, due largely to the location, a broad swathe of literary gems are recited to a mostly appreciative


Tonight, we meet the group at their regular monthly meeting, second Tuesday of the month, seven pee em sharp.

It is now ten past seven, and the throng are still removing coats, sorting scraps of paper, and settling themselves into the uncomfortable pews that the Church has kindly provided for the occasion.

This tardiness has, as usual, annoyed Stella Rogers, the chairlady, although she keeps that annoyance bottled and determines to give those late-comers slightly less time to recite than the organised few that were here and settled at six fifty pee em.

Stella spoke, with a little too much authority, “Right!” She catches herself, “Yes. I’d like to welcome you all to the one hundred and thirty-seventh meeting of the Little Fincham Serious Poetry Group. And I must just say here, and now, that over the last eleven and a half years we have prided ourselves on always bringing the best poetry to the poetry table. Our stalwarts Jennifer Jumble, Douglas Doniert, and Hettie Hopgood have been alongside me since the first meeting, and a few others have been attending this group for many years; but, we are always happy to see a newcomer…” Stella nods in the direction of the newcomer. “…popping through the poetry doors to join the group.

We shall get to know Ophelia Oakenshaw better in a little while; but, firstly, we must do our poetry housekeeping. As you all know it is three pence into the pot for the meeting -which includes a donation to the Church Roof Fund – and first-timers are free. If you can just sign the register as it comes round and tick the ‘paid’ box, then we can get on to items for discussion.

The book is passed around the congregation.

Stella continues: “Firstly, our most recent poetry book ‘Poems From The Pews’ has not quite sold out the seventy-five copies that Douglas has kindly printed for us. And, whilst we are talking of the book, Douglas, can we take a little more care on the spelling. I have a list of errors – and apologies – that we are going to have to insert into the remaining copies.



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