Shakespeare’s Birthday #Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Birthday

Did you send him a card?


The Bard.


It’s his birthday.

Wow! I didn’t know – how old is he?

He was born four hundred and fifty-four years ago.

Which makes him…?

If alive, he would be four hundred and fifty-four years old.

That’s a lot of candles!

It surely would be. But, he died in sixteen sixteen.

That’s sad.

On his birthday.

That’s very sad. (there is a short pause) Before or after the cake?

I think it was during.

Death by Chocolate?

Quite possibly.

Sad, and yet, not totally.

8 responses to “Shakespeare’s Birthday #Shakespeare

  1. Its a good poem that one! Very clever to die on your birthday. I never knew he did that as well as all the other miracles he performed by written word.

  2. ah, the old death by chocolate…..I thought it was the Julius Ceasar salad myself ❤ or green eggs and Spamlet.

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