#SoCS – Spoke #LindaGHill

For more on Linda’s #SoCS you can find the details here!

(With 10-minutes to write, I wrote this G:)

I spoke

You spoke

Everybody spoke

Boy, it was noisy

Girl, it was noisy

Why did we all have to spoke at the same time?

We stopped spoking

Apart from one who spoke for all of us

He spoke

We did not spoke

Having spoke

He stopped with all his spoke

And some other dude spoke

And then that other dude spoke no more

Because he had lost his voice

and could not find it


She, who had previously

only spoke when all of us had spoke together

and who would not normally spoke

unless spoke too,


and spoke

and spoke

and spoke well.

While she spoke

We did not spoke

we listed

and we listed well.

When She stopped spoke

We stopped listed and thoughted

We thought we’d that we were very thirsty from all this spoke and listed.

Then we lunch.

While we lunch

We spoke and listed little,

and listed and spoke even less.

When we lunch over

We spoke as one

and asked for the billing

We spoke and spoke

Then we listed;

But, we did neither at the same time

(I shall spoke upon this later)

We paid billing

return to our spoke and list

And listed and spoke for a good while.

Why we spoke so much

we known not

but we did make a listen

and put down some possibilities.

We check it twice.

We do that.

We did that.

We done that.*

*timer went off here.

3 responses to “#SoCS – Spoke #LindaGHill

  1. Certainly a lot of spoking going on!

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