April XVII

April the Seventeenth.

Or, as it was soon to be written on her coins, Regius Aprille XVII.

Queen April liked the shiny money, even though she was too young to be allowed to actually buy things. Her finances were arranged by her treasurer – a sour old bagpuss – and her court supplied for all her needs by the simple fact that that was what it did.

Queen April was four years old. She followed a long line of Queen Aprils, although the last one, Queen April the Sixteenth, had died over a century ago.

Until last week, her father, King Tuesday the Tenth, had been the proud ruler of the land they liked to call Pantalon; but, kings tend to die all too suddenly when they are poisoned. This had left the next in line to the throne of Pantalon, his daughter, a four-year old girl called April.

The poisoner of the old king was quite self-assured that April was going to be a puppet monarch totally under his control.

Little did he know that the child April was to become April the Glorious, cleansing the snakes from the court, and banishing evil from the land of Pantalon.

April was looking out of the throne room window, it had started to rain.

And, now, so would she.


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