A Sandcastle, A Dog, And A Ring.

Liskeard Writers Group – 10-minute exercise 03/04/2018

Prompt: Sandcastle, a ring and a dog.

”A work of art!”



Commented various onlookers.

Freddie was particularly pleased with his castle. He had managed to get the water to sand ratio almost perfect; the defensive towers rose magnificently; the curtain walls were straight and smooth: and the Motte and Bailey stood amidst the whole like a grand Norman Nobleman’s castle would have done when newly completed in about 1080 AD.

And then ’disaster’, a dog of no fixed parentage had landed forefeet first upon the sand castle and a frenetic digging had ensued.

Freddie was stunned. Unable to do any more than deflate at the site of the demolition from a glorious Norman defensive structure into Corfe Castle’s poor cousin, he stared at the flurry of excavation and was then shocked to hear the words:

”He may not look much; but, he’s trained as a treasure-seeker. Gold, silver, platinum and all sorts of precious items are listed upon his CV.”

And, then, as if to prove this statement, the dog stopped his digging and bearing his golden find carefully in his jaws, he sat waiting his handlers approval.

Taking the ring, still hot from the sand, the handler cleaned it and started to read the inscription upon it:

”One ring to rule them all;

One ring to find them…

…only joking – it’s not that precious!”


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