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‘It is a mistake to think that you can cut a frozen pineapple.’

‘It is a mistake to think

that you can cut a frozen pineapple.’

You’d need the strength

of twenty hunks,

and arms that are built

like the strongest tree trunks;

a spirit that can’t be swayed,

nerves of steel;

deep convictions,

and a fisherman’s creel

(just in case).

But, who has all these attributes?

Who indeed?

When a can of chunks

is all you need.

We Liked Him A Little At First – Then He Began To Grow On Us.

He was so small when we got him;

but, goodness, look at him now!

He barely fits into the room;

and he’s created a shadow

that’s become a gloom –

goodness, look at him now!

Dawn Chorus


is all I need;

apart from the bare necessities of life

(and you can sing that song, if you wish).

They call,

they answer;

finches, starlings, the humble wren;

redbreast, blackbird, sparrow, then…

having sung,

they sing again.

Beddington Doddy

Beddington Doddy was a textbook corpse.

Cold, clammy and totally without feeling.

He had no friends, to speak of;

and little in the way of small talk –

which may have been the cause of his lacking any buddies.

Nobody called him Al,

or Bed;

and, consequently,

nobody took him to task,

or bed;

because Beddington Doddy

was just a dead body;

but, only just.



don’t come easy

to me

he sang;

and that I wrote,

as if by rote.

But, sometimes, they do

come easy;

to me.

Words are my trade;

by me, they are made

to turn cartwheels

and work hard for their keep;

they sleep little,

working long hours,

becoming brittle…

until, one by one,

they are moulded into shape.

Gape at my words,

and, gazing upon them,

escape from your reality

into mine.

“By The Book!”

‘Bardly Writ’ My Shakespearean trilogy (in one part) is actually available as an e-book! There is a link over there to the right – no, over there… that’s it. That’s if you want to fork out the princely sum of £1.99.

If you perchance purchase…

If you could feedback on after having read it I would be muchly appreciative. Thank you. G:)

“Shakespeare! Here, Today!”

“Shakespeare! Here, today!”

Is what I’d really love to say,

or shout.

But, sadly, there’s not a lot

of Him about.

And, yes, I gave Him a capital H;

why shouldn’t I?

He’s a playwright of the age;

of whichever age you are He is;

and this I write because of that

(and that I wrote because of this).

To be truthful,

I take all chances

to write of Him

and praise His glory to the skies.

Shakespeare, Poet, Bard, arise.

PS Shakespeare was a Taurean,

just like me,

we have lots in common,

as I’m sure He’d undoubtedly agree.