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On this day…

On this day

in history

some people

did some things;

But, what?

it is a mystery

and we can only guess

whether they tidied up,

made a mess,

opted no,

or voted yes.


was today

and tomorrow

shall always be;

a mastery of mystery

I do not have,

and shall not

and will not

and why not?

Who knows?

It’s all a haze

of past, present and future days.

My ‘Ugly’ Poem

Ugly Poem



my ugly poem.

No redeeming features,

it stinks

(thinks: ‘how can it be, ugly?

for only beauty there is in po-et-ry.’)

Pinks and blues

have pretty hues,

this poem is brown and gritty;

smelling to high Heaven

of a shark-secreted city…

or worse.

A Chevy or a Lincoln Continental have style;

this is a hearse of a poem,

undertaken in verse

by an attitude terse;

no Terpsichore or muse

is more likely to abuse

the senses,

and I have will have once got

a confusion of senses

to boot.

Who gives a hoot?

Rhetorically speaking of course;

for I consider this a tour de force!

“I used to run…”

“I used to run

I used to walk

I used to laugh

I used to talk

I used to write

I used to chalk

upon a board;

but, now I’m dead

I don’t do anything at all

except lay awake at nights

looking at the cemetery wall

considering all the things I did

the life I led,

before I was dead.”

A Homage to Beige (or Cream, Oatmeal, Acorn, and the like).

“Beige, did you say?

Oh, cream!

Yes, cream is a wonderful colour;

except that, day by day,

hour by hour, the colourful ‘cream’

gets duller and duller,

eventually turning sour…

like a lemon.

A colour pale

will not avail

when brightness is what we are asking;

be vibrant, be bright;

turn on the light,

any dimmer will bring us a tasking.

So, cream you say;

double with jam?

To add a dash of sparkle?

I hope that’s so;

or I’ll have to say:


and leave you to your debacle.”

Three Random Vignettes From My Thoughts.

Myself c. 1977

Myself c.1977

– – / / – –

The difference between a drought and a breeze?

Draughts are found on boats near the back

Whilst breezes are found round your ankles; not singularly, but in two and threes.

– – / / – –

They said ‘Wear a comical hat!”

Well, I thought that they said ‘Conical!’

Such is my life.

– – / / – –

It’s no good crying over split peas –

even yellow ones.

And as for the green ones…

A ‘Prompt’ Story – ‘used teabag’

The used teabag fell to the floor, where it lay in a heap – exhausted.

“Don’t you think that you should be a-picking that up, Mister Adkins?”

Mr. Adkins ignored this; and, with his booted heel, ground the teabag into the cold stone floor; turned, and left without a word.

“Well, don’ that beat all?” asked Maisie, of no one in particular. “Good manners don’t cost the price of a cup of tea.” and with this thought in mind, she laughed at the recent memory of Mr. Adkins and his need for Oolong… and his total disdain of Lapsang Souchong. “I shoulda given him Builder’s Tea for all the good it did.” Maisie laughed quietly about this for a while. If there was one thing Mr. Adkins was not, it was a builder.

“Any fool knows that the best teas come loose and not in a tea-bag.” she explained, to the room. “He considers himself intelligent and he don’t even know that!”

her laughter was to be heard, if any had been there to hear, for a long while after that.

Playing the ‘Nirvana’ Game.

Playing the ‘Nirvana’ Game.

G: My dog’s got no stick.

M: How does it smell?

G: Sorry?

M: Never mind.

G: Nirvana!

M: You win.


SFX phone rings and is picked up

G: Hello.

M: Hi, it’s me.

G: Hello, me.

M: Hello. This party of yours tonight?

G: If I was having a party…?

M: Go with the premise, go with the premise.

G: Okay. What about the party? I’m really looking forward to it.

M: Is it fancy dress?

G: I don’t know. Is it fancy dress?

M: For the purpose of this thing, no.

G: No. not fancy dress, as far as I am aware.

M: So, no need to dress up?

G: No. Just come as you are.

M: Nirvana! I win!