Playing the ‘Nirvana’ Game.

Playing the ‘Nirvana’ Game.

G: My dog’s got no stick.

M: How does it smell?

G: Sorry?

M: Never mind.

G: Nirvana!

M: You win.


SFX phone rings and is picked up

G: Hello.

M: Hi, it’s me.

G: Hello, me.

M: Hello. This party of yours tonight?

G: If I was having a party…?

M: Go with the premise, go with the premise.

G: Okay. What about the party? I’m really looking forward to it.

M: Is it fancy dress?

G: I don’t know. Is it fancy dress?

M: For the purpose of this thing, no.

G: No. not fancy dress, as far as I am aware.

M: So, no need to dress up?

G: No. Just come as you are.

M: Nirvana! I win!


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