Jonathan Sandford

Jonathan Sandford, my great-great grandfather – an incident in 1830.

I pondered lonely

as I ploughed;

as had my father,

and my father’s father,

and my father’s father’s father.

But, nothing much came to mind;

as nothing had for over a century

of my ancestors ploughing this same furrow

in this same field.

Then all at once I saw a crowd

going off to wreck some farm machinery

under the banner of Captain Swing.

Now, here’s a thing,

I was quite young

and easily led

under fed

and overworked,

and, although it was wrong

I tagged along.

We were caught and tried;

one of the leaders was hung;

several were sent down under;

but, when judgment was brung

I was released as a free man,

to carry on ploughing my furrow

in my field

as long as I can.

I consider myself a lucky man.


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