99-Worder – Raven

From Carrot Ranch’s prompt ‘Raven – details Here!

The Craven Raven.

That’s what they called him.

It wasn’t his fault, he’d been frightened by a loud bang and a scary scarecrow when just a fledgling. Since then he’d been a nervous type.

But, it was an unkindness that the other ravens kept on about it; and it didn’t help his confidence that there was a constant conspiracy to keep him from leading a normal raven’s life.

The other ravens mimicked ‘bangs’ and dropped straw on him whilst he slept. He woke to the confusion that his dreams, where he was haunted by marauding scarecrows, had become reality.

4 responses to “99-Worder – Raven

  1. Poor baby! Very nice commentary on modern times, particularly as experienced by the young..

  2. Sometimes the cruelty of others becomes the stuff of our nightmares and the full impact is felt in the last line. You built up empathy for Craven Raven.

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