100-Worder – Last Goodbye.

I said ‘Goodbye!’ one last time

Never to speak another farewell word in the English language.

From now on, it would be ‘Adieu!’, ‘Au Revoir!’; ‘Arrivederci!’, or ‘Ciao!’; Auf Wiedersehen!’, or maybe ‘Slán!’ There are so many to choose from.

But, ‘Hello!’ would remain, giving balance to my voice – always my greeting of choice.

And then:

はい (Hai) for ‘Yes’,

and ‘Nullum’ for ‘No

Maybe I’ll have specific words for ‘Camel’ and ‘Hat’, and alternate them weekly, so that one week I would have a ‘Hattur’ on my head, the next I would wear a ‘Velbloud’, instead.


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