10-Minute Stream-of-Consciousness. #SoC

10-Minutes from scratch

Ten is a magical number.

That is what I have just written – it may not be true.

In fact, other numbers are said to be magical and have a long history of being thought so.

Three or eight. Multiples of three. Six-hundred and sixty-six or six-hundred and sixteen (depending on who is calculating) are said to be magical.

But, I have no doubt that 10 is the most magical of all.


Well, it seems to me that it is the leader of double-figured numbers,

In Binary it is two.

In trinary, three.

It actually has no magical properties that I am discernibly aware of – I made it up.

Three is a magic number, so goes the song.

Sing along.

Ten is decimal.

Ten is green bottles.

Ten Pipers Piping, I think. I may be wrong.

Ten-Pin Bowling – 10 is a strike.

No. 10 – we boo, we hiss.

Ten has very little ‘real’ use as a magical prop.

Ten is just a number.

Ten is…

It’s probably more than the above; but, I have not really found much to say so.

Ten Little Indians.

If Agatha’s surname has been Christery, my using it to rhyme with Mystery would have worked so much better.

As it was, I did what I could with the materials provided – as I of-

ten do.

What else can 10 mean?

What* Does it say to you?


*10-minutes were up here.

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