A brief introduction…

My first poem tonight may not set the room alight; but, it will set the tone for those poems that are to follow this one.

That poem was quite short; but, it could have been much, much longer – there’s a mercy for you – it may have been wrong; but, much more, and it would have been wronger.

Without the preceding words my second poem tonight would have been the first poem tonight, and it deserved better – if deserved awards.

And as for my third poem tonight, who knows where the second poem ended and the third began.

I don’t – and if anyone can… tell me…

But, should we really be talking, here, about rhetorical questions…? I’m open, to suggestions; but, not suggestive ones about you, me and a Rich Tea digestive – and I shall scream at a Custard Cream… dare you risk it?


That was my first poem tonight – You may call it ‘Rubbish!’

I call it ‘Biscuit!’

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