Ever The Optometrist!

Ever The Optometrist,

I said we would win;

But, I didn’t know where to start



Set out from

Head to

And I wasn’t really sure

What I saw

When I looked at you.

I should have gone to

An optimist

And had my whys checked;

But, I didn’t




Maybe even ‘shouldn’t’

Go there.

He’d say:

‘Get thee to a nunnery!’

And I’d end up in a punnery*

Having mistaken the wording

As I often did

Still do

Will do

Shall do

Always always do.

I squinted, tried to focus,


and read it all wrong

And red it all wrong


Once more

Twice in a row

Three times a lady

For he’s a jolly good fellow.

My hat is blue

My trousers green

My jacket fifty shades of unironed.

I should have gone to an optimist…

…he’d have put me right.

*Unless a course of antibiotics was taken in earnest.


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