Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – Will visits the shop of one Thomas Hobson.

Will: Ah! A Mr. Thomas Hobson, I presume. A ‘good morning’ to you sirrah.

Mr. Hobson: And a ‘good morning’ to you, also, Mr. Shakespeare.

Will: Ah! Doth my fame precede my arrival; or dust thou recognise my resplendent visage from the posters pasted far too sparingly around this fair city, this ‘new’ Verona, this… veritable Londinium of Roman proclivities, that are proclaiming my latest palpable ‘hit’ to the masses?

Mr. H: Actually, a Mr. Jonson warned me that you were to be ‘or not to be’ ‘popping by’ on business of a most unguent nature.

Will: Yes, Ben – bless him. However, the nature of my visit is ‘urgent’ – I would not spread Ben’s words to sooth a rash. No, I have a proposition for you, Mr. Hobson.

Mr. H (warily): Yes…?

Will: I have cast you as a character in my latest play.

Mr. H: Do I have any choice in the matter.

Will: Not really.


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