DCI Smith’s Last Case (and DC Bodkin’s First)

“Where were you

When the lights went out?

Were you by the fuse-box?

You say you weren’t;

But, I begin to doubt

The veracity of your story.

Your alibi is by the by

And ‘somebody’ pulled the switch,

“It was not I!” you cry.

But, I have to find a perpetrator,

Who carried out the evil crime;

I must strike while the blade is hot,

I’m running out of time.

Was it you?

Or was it the maid,

The butler or the cook;

I’ve written down the clues I’ve found,

In my little detective’s book –

I’ll just take a little look.

Aha! It’s clear,

The reveal is near;

I gather all to hear me.

It was the one who switched the switch,

Or confused all of the fuses.

I shall now state

With confident voice

That it was myself

That did the deed;

I’m sorry; but

I really had no choice.

So lead me off

Officer assisting,

The young policeman whose help

I have received, enlisting him

From all at the station –

The new boy, his first case

And a conviction – much elation.”


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