Flim and Flam

“Flim & Flam”

Flim and Flam were at it again.

“At what?” I hear you ask.

Well, being non-identical twins, they used to play the game of swapping identities with each other in order to trick unsuspecting folk.

Being ‘non’ identical twins, this was something that never worked for them.

But, being slightly dim, Flim and Flam carried on regardless.

They were, it could be said, one bucket short of a bucket.

They weren’t nasty in their antics; but, they could be thoughtless and inconsiderate and daft and, and, and…

And so it was, that, one day, not too long after a Wednesday, and just before the following Friday, Flim, and Flam, decided to swap their roles once again.

Flim, six foot five inches in height and as lean as a wonky gazebo; and Flam, wider than he was tall (which he wasn’t – being barely five foot), and resembling a World War 2 naval mine, minus the protuberances (those bits that stick out like horns).

To say that the exchange was going to be seamless was a flawed theory. However, Flim said ‘Let’s do it!’ and Flam replied ‘Why not!’ So the duo decided to swap jobs for the day. Flam would go to the zoo and wash the giraffes; Flim would wear Flam’s Munchkin costume and work a shift at the Adventure Playground.

What could possibly go wrong?

Ask the giraffes.

For that case, ask the children that were in the Adventure Playground.

Bright and early the next morning, Flim and Flam were both hauled in front of the Parks Manager, a Mr. Norman No-Nonsense Norman (his parents certainly set him up to be a hard case).

Flim was punished by being put on mucking-out duties for the foreseeable; Flam was reduced to being the rear end of Daphne Camel – nobody’s favourite job, ever.

It didn’t stop them.

Flim and Flam Newdog were soon back up to their old tricks.


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