Will & Ben (Renaissance Men) 10 minute #SoC

Trumpets or Crumpets?

Will: Trumpets? Or Crumpets, Ben?

Ben: Well, it depends what for, Will.

Will: No clues, Ben, thou must make a choice.

Ben: I choose… Crumpets!

Will: Wrong! You can’t announce the arrival of the Queen of England with Crumpets, Ben. Her Majesty would send you to the Tower!

Ben: Trumpets, Will. I’ve changed my mind and now I choose ‘Trumpets!’

Will: Wrong: You won’t be getting Trumpets or Crumpets in the Tower, Ben. The options are now Stale Bread or Nothing.

Ben: Then I choose Stale Bread, Will.

Will: It is not a case of choosing, Ben. You will be given Stale Bread… or you won’t! No choices any more, Ben.

Ben: I don’t like this game, Will. Can we play another?

Will: Okay, Ben, here’s one: there are several letters in a word, you must choose a letter at a time from the alphabet to see if those letters are a part of the word. If, after you have chosen your several letters, you have not worked out what the word is… you are hanged.

Ben, I like the sound of this game even less, Will. Hast thou a simpler and safer game?

Will: Well, there is this game that involves ladders-

Ben: -To one’s tights, Will?

Will: Hey, nonny* no, Ben. This game involves wooden ladders. You have to climb them.

Ben; Ah, that sounds better – let’s play that!

Will: Are you sure, Ben?

Ben: Positive, I am. Let us begin!

Will: Here, you can start by throwing the dice.

SFX dice being rolled / thrown.

Ben: Two ones! What does that mean, Will?

Will: Snake-eyes, Ben. Snake-eyes.


* is where the 10-minutes was up. By that time I had an idea of where the dialogue was going and ended it thus. G:)


5 responses to “Will & Ben (Renaissance Men) 10 minute #SoC

  1. Ben and is not Shapiro, is a bit……crazy!

  2. I very much liketh this piece of
    poesy, it doth tickle my fancy..

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