Fang den Hut! (Coppit).

Fang den Hut!

“Someone’s going to cop it!”


“Because, the town’s most treasured relic – the Lord’s Hat – has been taken by person or persons unknown.”

“Oh, no! Do you think that it could have been Vikings?”

“Highly unlikely – it’s a long time since the Viking threat was real.”

“How long?”

“A thousand years!”

“Okay. So, not Vikings then.”





“You’ve gone the wrong way in history. It’s been a thousand years since the Vikings were a threat – and the Romans, Spartans, Trojans, Angles, Jutes, etc. are all before the Vikings. We are talking about someone closer to home in time and space.”

“Ah. Right. Any more clues?”

“Well… you know that hat that I gave you for your birthday?”


“Well, I wouldn’t be seen wearing it around the town if I were you.”



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