I’ve been learning my ABC

It’s not coming easy to me

What is first?

Oh, yes – A

I keep on trying to get it right

Learning to read before I can write

Learning to walk before I can run

But learning sucks – it’s no great fun.

A you’re an adorable apple

B you’re such a beautiful ball

Is C is Cauliflower’s ear?

I’d like to wander through

The Alphabagetti Stew

But, I keep forgetting Q

Oh, but silly me

It’s usually the letter after P.

Pity me –

I’ve been trying to learn my ABC


2 responses to “My ABC

  1. I can say, almost forget to learn ABC,
    in this world, what means to learn ABC,
    I say apple they say orange… 🙂
    Good Morning dear G, as always you made me smile. Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

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