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Left-Hand Typing Poetry.

Are we trees

Are we trews

Are we

Are we a free stew

Are we a few

Dare we

We were

We are

We trace areas

Free we care

Far we see

Are we scared

Are we

We are a carefree face

A fad

A sad café

We are a façade

A free card

We erred

We are deferred.

‘Amazing’ @baffled

‘Amazing’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge #Haiku

Amateur aardvarks

Azure as your antelope

Ingots of pure blue.


“It’s National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, today!”

“Everybody go ‘Way-Yay!’ “

For is there anything better

Than the popping of bubbles;

To soothe the nerves

And help you forget all your troubles?

Is there?

Well, there probably is;

But, let’s not take away

Bubble Wrap’s finest quality;

For, when it comes to air filled pockets of pleasure,

Bubble Wrap causes jollity.


Touchéd by an Angel

Once, a long time ago –

You could say ‘once upon a time’

But, that would just be plain silly –


Once upon a time,

I was touchéd by an angel; sorry, touched, by an angel.

No physical contact was made

Nor a metaphysical contact – whatever that is.

Anyway, I mustn’t dye grass – even though Blurgrass is a funky thing, it often upsets the landlord.

So, this angel, that I mentioned earlier,

Had a halo

And shining hair

That was curlier

Than any hair that I had ever seen.

Of angels she must have been the queen;

All calmly facing me, quite serene;

And I said “You must be an angel, ‘cause I’ve fallen from Heaven for you.”

And she said “That made no sense, whatsoever;

You haven’t a clue.”

And I replied, with a little simile “Yo, Angel, are you winging it – ‘cause, like, you got no style in clothes.”

I could tell she was foxed

By the frown that arose.

“Touché, there, dude! I appreciate your banter;

But, the boss wants me back soon – and he ain’t no Santa.

He works hard every day

9 to 5 ain’t His thing –

We call him Numero Uno, The Daddy, El King.”

Then she flew off

In a blaze of bright light,

And I was left there slack-jawed;

But, it had been a good night.


It’s National Something Or Other Day, today!

Or, maybe International!

Whichever it is, we should all take a moment

And sing it’s praises

Make sure the flag raises high

For every day is a day for the worshipping

Of this, that and the other;

And be quick, before this special day has gone by.


It needs all you can spare

To show that you care

From Penzance to Looe

You can visit kazoo

And blow it like a raspberry

If you dare.


Support your local kazoo!

Lend it a fiver or two,

Though the sound that is heard

Is strangely absurd

It could be extinct in a decade or two.

Is This Poetry?

The ‘Poem’

It was such a groovy movie

That I had to watch it twice

It made me so emotional

It really was so nice;

But, I didn’t watch a third time –

I took my doctor’s advice.


The ‘Critic’

Well, is it?

It’s not Shakespeare,

And it isn’t Keats;

Neither Byron or Shelley

Would write of defeats

In the same manner or style;

And who am I to say I’m a poet

And poetry defile?

‘Fire’ @baffled

Fire’ @baffled #HaikiChallenge # Haiku

“Free Wi-Fi! Really?”

“Yup! As much as you desire.”

“And an open fire!”

Humble Pie

In the twinkling of an eye

I bought humble pie

And a degree of my ‘my, my, my’

Was forever relegated to years gone by.