“Mangoes Land Upon The Moon!”

How far can a mango?

Can it reach the moon?

“The first mangoes on the moon!”

Is a trip like that too soon?

“One small step for mangoes…

…a giant leap for the imagination.”

Mangoes in a fruit shop

Is as far as reality goes

But, when man has blazed a stellar path;

Will mangoes follow?

Who knows?

19 responses to ““Mangoes Land Upon The Moon!”

  1. Anu's Creative Journey


  2. Mongoes….. you and your imagination. Like it. And say hello to Jenny, I just started thinking a bit and got the name confused, Janne? You know I’m crazy, so just say hello from crazy charly. You did write together if I remember correctly.

  3. mangoes and women stay behind to tend the fires 🙂 (and perhaps sip the fruited wine)

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