Touchéd by an Angel

Once, a long time ago –

You could say ‘once upon a time’

But, that would just be plain silly –


Once upon a time,

I was touchéd by an angel; sorry, touched, by an angel.

No physical contact was made

Nor a metaphysical contact – whatever that is.

Anyway, I mustn’t dye grass – even though Blurgrass is a funky thing, it often upsets the landlord.

So, this angel, that I mentioned earlier,

Had a halo

And shining hair

That was curlier

Than any hair that I had ever seen.

Of angels she must have been the queen;

All calmly facing me, quite serene;

And I said “You must be an angel, ‘cause I’ve fallen from Heaven for you.”

And she said “That made no sense, whatsoever;

You haven’t a clue.”

And I replied, with a little simile “Yo, Angel, are you winging it – ‘cause, like, you got no style in clothes.”

I could tell she was foxed

By the frown that arose.

“Touché, there, dude! I appreciate your banter;

But, the boss wants me back soon – and he ain’t no Santa.

He works hard every day

9 to 5 ain’t His thing –

We call him Numero Uno, The Daddy, El King.”

Then she flew off

In a blaze of bright light,

And I was left there slack-jawed;

But, it had been a good night.

2 responses to “Touchéd by an Angel

  1. and then she made you a pasty 🙂

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