Everyday Poet

“But, your ‘Everyday Poet’ I’m not!”


I write poetry every day

“But, your everyday Poet I’m not!”

Before my first mug of coffee in the morning

I’ve written a Haiku, a villanelle or verse free,

A Limerick with lines rhyming AA, BBC;

About the Motorists’ AA or the British BC.

And sometimes my Limericks have only 1 line, or six lines or, sometimes, just three.

“Can I interest you in a rhyme scheme, sonny?”

I write poetry, it’s what I do;

(And this is how I write it, too)

It’s ‘diary poetry’, just catching a moment

That’s happened to me

In the course of my living –

For posterity, d’you see?

And ideas are given

By all kinds of things;

Listening and watching;

Travelling in cars;

Walking along, feeling emotion;

Or sometimes I swig of an illicit poetry potion.

Whatever the cause,

I write poetry every day

“But, I’m not an everyday poet – and I’ll keep it that way!”

9 responses to “Everyday Poet

  1. How can it be a Limmerick if it only has I line or 3 or whatever? it might have to be a Merrymeet. How could it be a pasty if it only has filling? It might have to be Shepherds pie. How can it be a data cat if it has a trunk, two horns and no numbers? It might have to be a Rhino masquerading. How can you be Graeme when you sign yourself Emearg? How can I be a Roof when Im so short. I might have to be a lid.

  2. Reblogged this on CRAZY LIFE and commented:
    And I feel related to Mr.Sandford, except I don’t even know what a lymeric is! He’s certainly not the traditional poet, and that I like.

  3. an everyday poet….ah, but for more time in the day, perchance in April or in May ❤

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