Crossing the Tamar

Intro: As you may or may not know

I come from Cornwall


And four generations ago;

When, back in the 1860s my Great, Great Grandfather took his family East and in doing so found themselves…

Crossing The Tamar

It is certainly not

A crossing of the Rubicon;

And I am no Julius Caesar.

I have not brought my army with me

And it is not 49BC.

But, the Crossing of the Tamar

Is a big deal to me

(And that is is in italics which is apt)

So much so,

That I am unrapt

When I pass the sign

That tells me that mine

Has been left

And now I am in your-

-I feel bereft;

However, I am sure

That the Plymouth Senate

Will not be so upset with me

As to call me traitor, insurrector, mongerer of war!

Though, hopefully I shall be banished;

And, soon, will have vanished

Back over the Tamar

Once more.


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