The Rat and the Robin.

The Rat and the Robin.

The Rat and the Robin

Were not far apart

(In dictionary terms)

And both were eating the worms,

And, also, the seeds,

Which we had put out for the needs of the birds.

The Robin doesn’t mind,

There is enough to go round;

And, so, he hopped along cheerily

With many a chirp, as he pecked at the ground.

The Rat, too, was quite happy,

At the food that he gained,

He was backwards and forwards

Like a retriever, well trained;

And he took his fill,

With extra for later –

Which is all very well

If you’re not a rat hater.

For the Rat’s had a far worse press

Than the Robin, of Christmas Card fame, ever has.

For the Rat is misunderstood;

It’s habits particularly vague

Just hosting Horrible Histories

Or else bringing the plague.

And the Robin…?

Well, he just keeps bob, bob, bobbing along.


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