‘Oc’ -SoCS LindaGHill Challenge

Details Here for SoCS Challenge

“My name is Milko Darc,

I am an ochaholic.

Och, aye the new addiction.

Is to speak in a Scottish accent

(As aye am dooin’ here)

And live as a Scotsman,

Flying by the seat of your trews,

And reading about all of the Scottish news!

“I’m a little bit skittish!”

said the wee timid moose.

“I’ll nae be livin’ by yonder loch

If Loch Nessie be loose”

Which thought occupies his mind

For there is nae smook

Without fire

And it’ll soon be time

To visit the Burns Unit

Where Haggis can be seen

Running aboot – did ya ken they were green,

With the two-legs on the left much shorter

Than those on the right

For the running round hills

In the middle of the night.

And the little wee creatures

Take care o’ their brood

With a pair of little Scotch eggs

Made of Cockles and wood.

“Och aye the nu!”

They cry to each other

As they roam in the gleam

And to the tourists who bother

Their quiet wee lives –

But, the haggis still thrives;

Due to a lust for life

Tha* just won’t stop

Unless they are cooked

When they just iggy pop!

*the 10-minute timer went here. I use 10 minutes just to contain the amount that I write -I don’t want to occupy the whole day with it.


8 responses to “‘Oc’ -SoCS LindaGHill Challenge

  1. 😀 This was creative and hilarious too. Thank you, Graeme. You wouldn’t happen to be from Glasgow would you now?

  2. what a fun little ditty, loving the Iggy ❤

  3. Ock, I remember the first time I went to Scotland (Edinburg). I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. I mentioned to a taxi driver that I thought they spoke English there, he was a little pissed when he replied “I AM speaking English”! Oops.

    • Yup! When I went there ‘many moons ago) I was running in a half marathon just outside Edinburgh and a runner next to me started to chat (we obviously weren’t running fast enough) and I was a little unsure what he was saying. But, being me, I think I did a non-PC Scottish accent to say “hello!” and then sped up a little (or slowed down a lot) to stop this reoccurring. G:)

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