Ethereal Cereal – A Tale.

We kept the cereal in the top cupboard

It was almost ethereal cereal;

But, then we forgot it.

Many years later,

Whilst seeking a snack,

We searched through the cupboards,

And found at the back

Of the top cupboard

(The one that breakfast time forgot),

A box of such age,

That when it was opened

Inside it was not

Old, mouldy cereal,

As one might suspect;

But, an undiscovered life-form,

That showed great respect

And said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

And ‘I don’t mind if I do’

And politely requested

Sanctuary, too.

For, it had checked information

About humans and things,

And was of the opinion that alien life brings

A certain amount of trepidation

To the rulers of Earth;

And being quite small

It valued it’s worth;

And in a battle would lose

Against superior forces

Who would bomb it and blast it

And erase it from the Earth.

So, we agreed to be quiet

And not say a word

It could stay in the cupboard

Where it wouldn’t be seen, and it wouldn’t be heard.

And there it still lives,

In the cereal box;

Which is now much more homely

As we’ve lined it with socks.

So, if you have cereal

Forgotten indoors,

And find a new life form one day;

Please, be kind, bear in mind all we say;

And, as we look after ours,

Please look after yours.


One response to “Ethereal Cereal – A Tale.

  1. rather have cereal than a yeti in my spaghetti ❤

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