Note To Self.

Note To Self

Dear Self,

Please excuse my being so formal;

but, I am not confident, whilst in your presence, to say certain things.

So, I have resorted to writing them down in a letter.

Firstly, to delay the nub of my correspondence a little, I would ask after your physical and mental health, hoping for a positive reply on both counts. I, on my part, am, as you would say, doing well – and doing well, as I would say.

Secondly, the reason for my writing; which is… this: I have noticed recently that you are inclined to decline the use of a single rhyme, and use nine. Not only is this ‘wasteful’ to my mind, it is also leading to the distinct possibility of the unravelling of time.

Orange may be the new black;

But, I can see that you lack

No opportunity to display your impecunity – when it comes to frugality –

And, therefore, I have been considering The possibility (even the legality) of my separating

From you


With this in mind

I hope to find you In agreement

With my wishes.

However, if wishes were fishes,

I wouldn’t be dropping you this line.

Yours hopefully (and sincerely)

Your conscience

(Who loves you dearly).


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