Mrs. Pearsons Cottage.

At Mrs. Pearsons Cottage

You can get excellent pea-soup potage, every day;

If, however, you choose to visit on a Thursday,

(or happen by upon that day by chance)

For a treat, there is special suet pudding, with lashings of ginger-beer mustard,

Roast leaf stuffing, and vanilla custard –

Which, may sound rather nasty;

But, don’t be hasty –

The custard ‘isn’t’ sweet.

For, now that Mrs. Pearsons is getting old,

And is almost in her dotage,

The ingredients she uses can, on occasion, be quite strange.when viewed as surface floatage;

So, if perchance, you happen to find yourself there,

Be prepared for some glorious fare;

And, the anticipation of what surprises your host may choose to share.

Mrs. Pearsons Cottage is open to all and sundry;

But, perhaps it’s best to go there

When you’re not feeling particularly hungry.

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