Every time somebody ‘lols’ a window-cleaner dies.

“Lol!” I cried when I saw him drop,

His bucket, his chamois, his polishing mop.

“Don’t ‘lol’ he cried, with tears in his eyes,

“For every time some one dares to ‘lol’

A window cleaner dies!”

I stopped in my tracks

And gulped with dismay

At the knowledge I’d gained

From that man

On that day.

And, now, when I hear

Someone near, shouting ‘lol!’

I think of the window-cleaner

Whose fate bell does toll;

And I then tell that ‘loller’

About what that man said;

You know, the one I spoke of earlier,

Who is now probably dead.


2 responses to “Every time somebody ‘lols’ a window-cleaner dies.

  1. Very good that poem.Grae, you’re a doll, lol!

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