Poetry For Poetry’s Sake

Poetry For Poetry’s Sake

I write.

I do!

Stories, dialogues, that sort of thing;

And, I write poetry, too.


Who knows?

Who cares?

It’s what I ‘have’ to do-

Do you write poetry?

Do you?

Do you have more poetry books than available space on your shelf?

Does reading poetry reflect well, or badly, upon your self?

Does your purchase of more poetry, literally, put a financial strain on your wealth?

Can you quote lines at random

Whilst balancing on a tandem?

Is poetry a necessity? A need?

And where does all this rather repetitive rhythmic rhyming lead?

So many questions.

So little rhyme.

And as for stories,

Less you think poetry is all…

“Once upon a time

There was a lonely narwhal…”


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