The Hundred-Word Story – 100-Worder

The Hundred Word Story

If you set out to write a story that is restricted to a hundred words (including the title) what on Earth is there to write about?

I could always write about something I know; that way there would be an element of reality to my words; but, it would probably be as boring as reading the small print on the council tax forms – unless that is your thing.

So, I shall have to make something up. Perhaps, something exciting.

Now, what could that be?

I know! A story about pirates, treasure and… talking camels.

Here goes…


4 responses to “The Hundred-Word Story – 100-Worder

  1. Talking camels who have the map to the treasure hidden in their epic poetry … hmmmm

  2. Talking camels are pretty awesome 😉

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