Bath-Time Musings #2 – Banañabathing!

“Well, Curdbathing is so last month!”

So, this month I shall be plunging

Fully-clothed (minus the clothing, of course) into a huge Banaña Milkshake.

Oh, yes; I shall be immersed from my toes to my noes in the foamy yellow liquid until my senses can take no more.

Banaña manaña?

No! Banaña today!

It’s no good waiting around

For your skin to fall away.

Peel for the plunge;o

And maybe take a sponge,

Raspberry goes well

With Banañas, I can tell


It has the colour likened to a lemon;

But, it’s creamy and not sharp;

It’s frothy and delicious

On and on I shall carp

About it.

And the smell of banañas

It gets up my nose

And aromatherapy it is

For the bather who knows

The truth.

That banañas are for everyone

Not only for the youth;

And, can be one, two, three, four or five

Of your five a day

In a Banaña milkshake

There you have the proof!


6 responses to “Bath-Time Musings #2 – Banañabathing!

  1. mana mana boop boop de doo doo….ha, guess what I’m singing now. Now that looks interesting…..but I prefer coconut, wouldn’t want to smell like a banana 🙂 but I did check my trees, one batch gone? and the other most likely now frozen, it’s like 37 here…..eegads……haven’t turned the heat on inside yet, 64 degrees, just layer upon layer…..but did give the pups a bath yesterday….no banana was injured in the making of the bath water 🙂 hey G man ❤

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