Jay Nostin Writes (revisited)

“Fine!” accepted Jane, ” I ‘shall’ read you an excerpt from my new book – it’s titled ‘Emma’.

“Marvellous,” said Mr. Elton. “I am all ears.”

Jane took in the irony of that comment, drew a deep breath, and began:

‘Emma was not happy. Mr Elton had ignored all of her blandishments; ‘and’ her entreaties. He had, if it were known, left her hopes in tatters, and her dreams in a state of abeyance.
She walked the length of the sitting room, turned, and walked back again – not for the first, and definitely not for the last time.

“Oh, what am I to do?” Emma asked, rhetorically. No one answered.
“I am sorely mistreated in this affair.” A statement which also received no comment.
“If only there was a way for me to interfere with people’s lives and get it right. I wish that it was so.”

Emma clicked her ruby shoes together and was transported to Kansas – and she certainly wasn’t expecting that.’

Mr. Elton was looking somewhat confused.

“She was ‘transported’ to Kansas? By boat?” His eyes had a pleading look to them.

Jane took pity on him. “It’s still a work in progress, Mr. Elton; and don’t worry that I used your name in the story – it’s just that I needed a dashing hero, and you sprang to mind.”

“I did?” Mr. Elton looked a little happier.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Elton, you are always dashing about, hither and thither.”

Mr. Elton thought upon this; opened and closed his mouth a few times, and then decided that he might just ask Jane if her sister Cassandra was available for a dance. Cassandra was a far safer bet; Jane was always away in her fantasy worlds.

Throughout the evening Mr. Elton was often heard uttering the words ‘Kansas, indeed!’ to himself.


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