Day 1 of ‘How to be a Poet’.

Welcome to

Day 1 of ‘How To Be A Poet’

With your host Beau D Lair.

Beau: Firstly, I would just like to say

That, to be ‘a poet’ you must write your poetic rhymes every day.

No, sneaking off for a week or two

To Accrington Stanley or Seaton Carew

To avoid the muse;

Places like those, are liable to confuse

The poetic mind.

You may find, that, Wordsworth and co. did not go to the town or the city

To write The Rime Of The Ancient Daffodil, oh, so pretty.

They went to the windy moors;

For, there, ensures that minds can wander,

And imagery of Nature you are sure to ponder.

Thus beautiful words are hence retrieved

From yonder valleys and dales –

It is believed, and never fails, they make your words

All the better with which to construct a successful poem.



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