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‘Hole’ @baffled

‘Hole’ @ baffled #HaikuChallenge #Haiku

Too much alcohol

Eats into your charisma;

Not enough does, too!

Lucy Locket

Lucy Locket

Had a pocket

Then she lost it…

Big time.

“Mangoes Land Upon The Moon!”

How far can a mango?

Can it reach the moon?

“The first mangoes on the moon!”

Is a trip like that too soon?

“One small step for mangoes…

…a giant leap for the imagination.”

Mangoes in a fruit shop

Is as far as reality goes

But, when man has blazed a stellar path;

Will mangoes follow?

Who knows?

When The Muse Is Absent.

So, I pick up my pen;

But, I have nothing to write;

And, that being the case,

I put my pen back down again.

And go and make some coffee.

This happens a lot.

I try to write

When the muse is absent,

And nothing comes from it – it’s a fruitless task;

And, I ask myself:

‘Is there not an idea

In the ideas barrel?’

‘No.’ I answer.

‘Not a one.’

And my writing, for the moment,

Is done.

‘Sink’ @baffled

‘Sink’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge #Haiku

“This ink is broken!”

“Broken? You can’t break this ink.”

“I was nibbling it.”

Caramel-Covered Camels?

Never cover a camel in caramel

As an offering to the Sun-God Ra.

It might seem like a good idea;

But, I assure you it’s not, Let’s be clear;

They get the hump,

On you they jump,

Then they spit in your eye, do you hear?

It Was National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Yesterday!

It Was National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Yesterday!

And, like so many things,

Once the bubble wrap

Had had Its day

It was discarded –

Like a lost mitten –

In an off-hand way.