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Jane’s Boxing Day Fridge Haiku

Happy Children play

Dancing beside the river

Beneath Summer Sun.

Scott’s Boxing Day Fridge Haiku

Dark despairing wood

Ghostly old trees remember

Silent Winter nights.

Cesca’s Boxing Day Fridge Haiku

Moon is a jewel

Still as beautiful alone

As a thousand stars.

Schrödinger’s Rainstick.

For Christmas I got a special present

A Schrödinger’s Rainstick.

I’m told that it’s not a rainstick;

But, until I open it…

It might just be one

So what do I do?


@baffled #haikuchallenge ‘together’

@baffled #HaikuChallenge ‘together’

Together at last;

You, Brought forward from the past;

I, already here.

Grae’s Fridge Haiku

Grae’s Fridge Haiku

I always puzzle

The wander’ sky to the earth;

As word is to sound.

Jane’s Fridge Haiku

Jane’s Fridge Haiku

Sweet milky jewels

Winter memories flutter

About silent moon.

Scott’s Fridge Haiku

Scott’s Fridge Haiku

Happy dreaming dog;

Walking, playing, running fast

Swims in the river.

Cesca’s Fridge Haiku

Cesca’ Fridge Haiku

Remember the smell

Beneath the Summer garden

When the cat did one

Ah, haaaa! (A song)

Bm (for want of a chord)

I’ve got no signal

And no internet

What can I do?

How bored can I get?

Chorus (CMaj)

Ah, ha

Ah, ha

Ah, haaaaa

Ah, ha

Ah, ha

Ah, haaaaa

And repeat the chorus for ever