‘Wishing Star’ and ‘Wishes’

From the prompt at Carrot Ranch

Of ‘Wishing Star’ for December 28th’s Flash Fiction




Wish upon a star…

Does a feeling of calm wash over you?

Or, do you get all agitated,

Like a pea in a whistle

As it is blown

In order to signify…


I wish upon stars

Every night

When I know that


Have never wished upon me…


I wish it were true

That when you wished

Upon a star

Your dreams turned pale blue.

Or Banana yellow;


I am a strange sort of fellow.

I bet you wish that you were,


So, next time


Wish upon a star,

Think like me.


If wishes were fishes

And swam away

Never to be seen again

I wouldn’t be surprised.

If fishes were wishes

Could I bear to catch one

If dishes were dashes

And dots wore spots

Who would know

Where the wild things grow?

If moustaches grew on trees

In threes,

Would they be more fashionable

Upon wasps or bees?

If I wanted to make a wish

What would I make it out of?



Peanut butter?

Or something altogether ethereal?

Like cereal.

Yes, I do;

But, I wish I had a bowlful.

Don’t you?

Do wishes ever come true?

2 responses to “‘Wishing Star’ and ‘Wishes’

  1. So beautifully whimsical and lyrical. Absolutely loved it. Happy new year.

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