‘Cabbage, Pagoda, Scissors’

Will: Fancy a game of ‘Cabbage, Pagoda, Scissors’, Ben?

Ben: Shouldn’st that be ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, Will?

Will: That game is so of yesterday, Ben. The game of this moment, here now, is ‘Cabbage, Pagoda, Scissors’.

Ben: So, how does it work, Will?

Will: Well, Pagoda blunts Scissors; Scissors cut Cabbage; Pagoda flattens Cabbage.

Ben: And ‘Cabbage’?

Will: ‘Cabbage’ durst not doest anything, Ben. Nobody ever chooseth ‘Cabbage’.

Ben: Never?

Will: Not unless they really liketh Cabbages, Ben.

Ben: Okay, Will – I get that. Let us play on!

Will: Let us do so, my friend.

They shake their clenched fists

Both: Pagoda!

And on it went.


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