“We should have asked Polly to put the kettle on!”

I knew that the kettle wasn’t on.

It was never going to boil – nor at this rate.

It wasn’t making ‘The Noise’.

I flicked the switch.

And, after a few seconds, ‘A Noise’ began.

Aaaargh! It needed more water. This was the wrong sort of noise – at a different pitch.

I flicked the switch off.

Filled the kettle to just over the ‘Max’ level.

Poured some of the water from the kettle into the sink.

Then replaced the kettle upon its stand.

I flicked the switch again.

Soon, it was making ‘The Noise’

Soon, the water would be boiling.

And, soon, the drinks would be prepared.

But, would it be soon enough?

That’s just me being silly – of course it would.

Or would it?

Still, yes. Obvs.


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