#SoCS – “Yule Meat, Again, Miss Vera?”

Linda’s SoCS Challenge ‘Yule / You’ll / Yul

Another 10 minute SoCS write

On the subject of ‘Yule, Yul, You’ll’

“Yule meat, again, Miss Vera?”

“Oh, yes, please, Mr. Boo Cher! I love this time of the year.”

“You’ll have been coming here for over seventy years, now; haven’t you, Miss Vera?”

“Since the big old, bad old, Second World War, yes.” Vera sighed. “I do miss those days – in some ways, you know. I’d be a fool once more, and sing for the boys to come back home all over again.”

“You’ll be telling me next that you don’t sing anymore, Miss Vera?” Mr. Boo Cher asked this as if hoping that Bluebirds were still singing over the White Cliffs of Dover.

“Only to myself. I couldn’t keep on performing to the troops. They wanted Lady Gaga, not a lady who was a little gaga. Although I do have most of my marbles.”

“Exackerly, Miss Vera.” Mr. Boo Cher was now oozing sympathy – not a pretty sight. “And have you done any movies lately. You know, I loved that one you did with the old king of Siam.”

“No. And that wasn’t me, that was Deborah Kerr, I think, or Julie Andrews – I always get confused. I know the film, though, lovely singing. And the lead actor; * I always thought Telly Savalas had such a lovely voice.”

*timer went here.

2 responses to “#SoCS – “Yule Meat, Again, Miss Vera?”

  1. This is cute! I love the little plays on words you bring up in here, Graeme, hinting at all the possible meanings and yet not really meaning any of them. Thanks for sharing

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