Passing Places

Going forwards

I meet you coming towards me

From the opposite direction

Head to head

Face to face

We seek a passing place.

I strain to recall

Any at all.

In the meantime


Doesn’t seem to be even rehearsing reversing up the road.

Bumper to bumper

Toe to toe

Passing time and place

With no hint of a volte-face

And I’m not moving

And he certainly isn’t

So our mate is stale

And I am as the stubbornest mule.

However, when all the people upon the bus

Decided to see who was causing the fuss

And then displayed their appreciation

With a series of verbal suggestions

And hand-gestures

I gave in

And reversed back

Straight into the front of the tractor behind me.

It was not going to be my day.


2 responses to “Passing Places

  1. I often think a passing place could mean a place where people stop off to ‘pass away’ as it were. A conveneint place on the moors would suit me too!

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